Read the Book “Once Upon Atari” by Howard Scott Warshaw (6-8 hours)

Task: Read the Book “Once Upon Atari” by Howard Scott Warshaw

Needed: The Book

Time: 6-8 hours


I have previously posted about the video “Once Upon Atari” which documents some of the history and culture of Atari in the early days. The video is hosted by Howard Scott Warshaw who was the programmer for multiple games including Yar’s Revenge and E.T. for the 2600. He has now written and published a book by the same name with the tagline “How I Made History by Killing an Industry”. The book is filled with historical accounts and really interesting insights into the thought process behind making games. Warshaw sprinkles in a bit of wisdom from his experience as a video game developer and more recently as a therapist. Well worth the purchase and the time to read!


Here is Warshaw’s web page with info about the book.

The paperback version of the book is available on Amazon for $14.99. More than 80% of reviewers gave it 5 stars. I agree.


I highly recommend this book. I had fun reading it and had fun meeting Warshaw virtually during a recent Atari party.

There are a number of interviews with Warshaw on YouTube. These are fun to watch.

Once Upon Atari Cover
Once Upon Atari Cover