Flash the Firmware of Your RetroTINK (10-15 mins)

Task: Flash the Firmware of Your RetroTINK

Needed: Web Browser, RetroTINK

Time: 10-15 mins


I am a big fan of the RetroTINK device for converting composite or S-Video from your Atari 8-bit computer to HDMI for display on an LED monitor or TV. This produces crystal clear video especially when combined with the Ultimate Atari Video (UAV) upgrade or similar device.

Firmware updates are released for the device every few months. Fortunately, it is super simple to flash the RetroTINK hardware with the latest firmware.



First, I highly recommend watching this awesome YouTube video from Retro RGB on flashing the device. I followed these directions and it worked great. Below is a summary.

Second, download and install the drivers.

Third, download and install the software used for flashing.

Fourth, download the appropriate firmware for your specific device from the RetroTINK website. Here is the page I accessed for 2X-Pro firmware. As of this post (July 19, 2021), the latest version for the 2X-Pro was 1.7.

Fifth, plug in your RetroTINK via USB on your PC while holding down the appropriate button until the lights come on. For my RetroTINK 2X-Pro I needed to hold down the inner (labeled input) of the two buttons. The YouTube video tells you what you need to do for the other models (some have just one button). The red light should come on when started this way.

Sixth, start up the firmware updater software. Press the search button. FT232R USB UART should appear in the Device box. Then load the firmware hex file and press Flash. The flashing process doesn’t take long.

RetroTINK Firmware Updater Software
RetroTINK Firmware Updater Software


The RetroTINK rocks, and this firmware update is super easy. My video seemed crisper after the update but that could just be in my head!