Purchase a RetroTINK for Conversion to Digital Video (10-15 mins)

Task: Purchase a RetroTINK for Conversion to Digital Video

Needed: Web browser, RetroTINK

Time: 10-15 mins


I have previously posted about the challenges of converting the composite signal from the Atari 8-bit computers to HDMI for display on an LED monitor or TV. I discussed the Neoteck device as an inexpensive option. There are more expensive options which produce a much crisper and cleaner signal. One of these is sold by RetroTINK who specializes in this technology for retro computers and video game consoles. I have seen numerous positive reviews of these devices and decided to get one to. This was a big decision because they are relatively expensive compared to the Neoteck. I can say without a doubt that the RetroTINK I purchased produces the best HDMI signal I have seen. Well worth the investment if you want to use original hardware with an LED or similar device accepting HDMI.


Purchase a RetroTINK. I went with the 2X-Pro model which sells for $129. This device accepts composite, component, and S-Video with digital video output provided via HDMI. Note that the power cable is microUSB.



I tried this with my Atari 800 since it outputs both the chroma and luma signals. I used a cable from 8-bit Classics to convert the composite signal to S-Video and plugged the S-Video into the RetroTINK. This worked like a charm and produced a crystal clear digital video signal as you can see in the photo below. A great device if you afford the $100+ price.

Here are instructions for flashing the firmware.

RetroTINK Digital Video
RetroTINK Digital Video