Explore the Antic Software Archive (30-60 mins)

Task: Explore the Antic Software Archive

Needed: Web browser

Time: 30-60 minutes


As I mentioned in my last post about Antic Magazine, one of the great features of Antic was the software that came in each and every issue. Most of these were software and games in BASIC that could be typed in and run. Occasionally there were programs in other languages such as assembly, Forth, Logo, and PILOT. These were also available on floppy disks that came with the magazine or that could be purchased separately. I have a ton of these floppies in my collection. I included a photo of a few of them below. Exploring these programs is a great way to learn Atari programming and many of them are fun programs to run and play with.

The BASIC programs are really easy to try in the Altirra emulator on your PC. All you have to do is download them and add them to an ATR file using the Altirra Disk Explorer. You can then boot them from Altirra using Altirra BASIC or your own favorite BASIC cartridge.


All the Antic software is available from the Antic Software Archive.


Special thanks to Kevin Savetz for all his hard work to set up and maintain the Antic Software Archive and the parent Atari Magazines Website.

Antic Disks
Antic Disks