Explore Antic Magazine (30-60 mins)

Task: Explore Antic Magazine

Needed: Web browser

Time: 30-60 minutes


I very much looked forward to each and every issue of Antic Magazine after we got our Atari 400 and then 800 in the early 1980s. These were the days before the internet, and the primary way to keep updated on new developments in Atari 8-bit computing was through magazines. I devoured each and every issue. The first issue was printed in 1982 around the time we got our Atari 400. A total of 88 issues were published before they ended their run in 1990 when it was clear Atari had run its course.

I still have great fun reading old issues of Antic. Fortunately, they are all available online. I download the PDFs and put them on my iPhone and iPad to read when I am on a plane or waiting in a line. You can also access them through the web. Each issue had tutorials, news, letters, and of course software that you could type in our get on floppy disks that were mailed with the magazines or purchased separately. I have a bunch of these in my floppy disk collection. The advertisements are really fun to see as well. I highly recommend browsing Antic.


You can access all the issues of Antic online via your browser. The PDF scans are all available online via archive.org. The software is also available online.


I have learned a lot from Antic articles as I have gotten back into the hobby. The programming articles are particularly good. A great window into history!

Special thanks to Kevin Savetz for all his hard work to set up and maintain the Atari Magazines Website.

Antic Magazine 1983
Antic Magazine 1983