Purchase a RetroHQ GameDrive SD Card Device for the Atari 7800 (5-10 mins)

Task: Purchase a RetroHQ GameDrive SD Card Device for the Atari 7800

Needed: Web browser, Atari 7800 Console

Time: 5-10 minutes


I have previously posted about the Atari 7800 game console that should have been the successor to the Atari 2600. RetroHQ has developed and released a sophisticated SD card device for the 7800 called the GameDrive or 7800GD.

The device has a microSD card inserted into a cartridge that you can load up with both 7800 and 2600 ROMs for easy booting through a menu system. The device features two Pokey chips for sound and RGB video out through a cable that plugs directly into the cartridge. This is very useful given the 7800 comes only with RF video out. The RGB can be easily converted to HDMI using a RetroTINK, for example.

Additional features include the ability to save and load game states and use Sega controllers through a Mega 7800 adaptor. I will do a post about the Sega controllers later. I am excited about this option as the original 7800 controllers are trash.


Purchase a 7800GD from Stone Age Gamer or Atari Age. The base version is $159.99 at the time of this post. Note there have been some supply issues so it might not be available when you go to order.


The device is easy to use, works great, and seems to be of high-quality construction. I love the RGB and Sega controller options. I plan to spend more time with my 7800 because of this device!