Explore Best Electronics Website (10-15 mins)

Task: Explore the Best Electronics Website

Needed: Web browser

Time: 10-15 mins


Inevitably, you will need to purchase one of more pieces of hardware to support your Atari 8-bit computer hobby. eBay is of course a great source but can be expensive and you never really know what you are getting. When I got back into my Atari hobby last year after a 15-year break I was surprised to find several places that still sell new old stock. Best Electronics (BE) is one of these outlets. When Atari went out of business BE bought huge volumes of Atari stuff from the Sunnyvale warehouse. Thus, they have crates of new stuff that they have selling since 1984. I have purchased a few items from them including new paper and pens for my Atari 1020 plotter printer. I also bought the last several three-ring Atari binders with the logo on the front. Here are a few other nifty new items you can purchase today from BE: diagnostic cartridges, CX77 Touch Tablets, power supplies, joysticks, joystick parts, service manuals, tons of games and software, etc. They also offer tons of advice about old hardware and how to repair them. For example, they offer advice on how to get composite video out of your Atari so you can connect to an LCD or LED screen. It is important to note that they also sell items related to the many Atari video games systems (e.g. 2600, 5200, 7800, Lynx) and the 16-bit Atari ST series. I highly recommend exploring this website.


Navigate to the Best Electronics website, get out your wallet, and enjoy the ride!


This is an amazing resource with dwindling supplies. The website itself is a retro html kick. You will see what I mean! Note that there is no online order form. Service can be spotty but worth any hassle you might need to put up with. I personally have had reasonable service from them but there are stories of others that have had problems.