Read the Second Edition of the Book “Breakout” by Jamie Lendino (3-6 hours)

Task: Read the Second Edition of the Book “Breakout: How Atari 8-Bit Computer Defined a Generation” by Jamie Lendino

Needed: Web browser for purchase

Time: 3-6 hours or more


I love both old and new books about Atari. I particularly enjoyed Jamie Lendino‘s book about the Atari 8-bit computers and have featured it in a previous post. Lendino is out with an expanded second edition of the book and I think it is worth purchasing and reading. According to Lendino, the book includes some edits to the history of the 8-bit computers, write-up on 60 additional games, and an updated section on modern approaches to collecting and using these old systems with more than 100 pages of total content. For example, the new edition includes a section on FujiNet that was not available when the first edition came out in 2017.


Navigate to the Amazon or your favorite online seller. The paperback is about $18.


Thanks so much to Jamie Lendino for updating this book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it when it first came out and greatly appreciate the updated and expanded content. This is a must have for any Atari enthusiast.

I like the bigger font for the title on the front and on the spine. Makes it easier to find on a bookshelf full of Atari books!

Breakout Book by Jamie Lendino
Breakout Book by Jamie Lendino