Listen to The 8-Bit Files Podcast (1-2 hours)

Task: Listen to The 8-Bit Files Podcast

Needed: Web browser or podcast app

Time: about an hour per episode


I love listening to retrocomputing podcasts. The good news is that new podcasts are being launched regularly so we never have to go without something to listen to. I recently discovered The 8-Bit Files podcast by John Biehler and Dave Zille. As the name implies, their goal is to cover 8-bit computing. John is an Atari guy whose first computer was an 800XL. Dave is a Commodore guy whose first computer was a C64. They start out telling their origin stories and include episodes about Atari and Commodore along with other shows about BASIC and multicarts, for example. They have a laid-back style that is easy to listen to.


Navigate to their web page and give a listen! You can also find them on your favorite podcast app.


Worth a listen! I am looking forward to future episodes. I hope they keep it going!

They might be the first close Atari and Commodore friends in history (tic).