Explore the Goto 10 RetroComputing Website (1 hour)

Task: Explore the Goto 10 RetroComputing Website

Needed: Web browser

Time: One hour or more


I always get excited when there is a new Atari podcast, web page, or resource to explore. I highly recommend take some time to explore and read the Goto 10 RetroComputing website by Paul Lefebvre. Full exploration of the site does require payment of $4/month or more depending on the plan you sign up for. You can read some number of posts for free.

Mr. Lefebvre notes in the About section that he, like me, started back in the day with an Atari 400 graduating later to ST models. He covers mostly Atari but does have some posts on other systems. Enjoy!

Goto 10 Website
Goto 10 Website


Navigate to the Goto 10 RetroComputing website.


I enjoyed reading the post about his Snow Blower game from the 1980s.