Print Atari 8-Bit Computer Text and Graphics to a Modern Printer Using FujiNet (15-30 mins)

Task: Print Atari 8-Bit Computer Text and Graphics to a Modern Printer Using FujiNet

Needed: Atari 8-Bit Computer, FujiNet, Web Browser

Time: 15-30 mins


Printing text and graphics to an Atari-compatible printer is certainly possible assuming you have a functioning printer with paper and ink. I have previously done posts about printing with the Atari 820, 1020, and 1025 printers which do often require some effort to get running. A question many have is about whether it is possible to print from an Atari to a modern inkjet or laserjet printer. While there are some hardware adaptors for this purpose, perhaps the easiest and most effective solution for the Atari is to use the FujiNet which allows you to print over wifi to a PDF file on your PC which you can then print to a modern printer. I have tried this and it worked like a charm.


First, make sure you are familiar with the basic operation of the FujiNet. Here is my FujiNet project for you to get started. Make sure to connect your FujiNet to your wifi.

Second, boot your Atari with the FujiNet plugged in. From the main FujiNet screen choose the C option to get to the config menu. Enter the IP address in your browser to bring up the FujiNet web console.

Third, scroll down the web console on your PC and find the Printer Settings box. Select the printer you want to use and the printer port (P1: is default). Click the Save button(s) if you made any changes.

Fourth, open the program on your Atari you want to print from choose the print option or enter a print command. I tried two different print tasks. For the first example, I loaded a BASIC program and then used the command LIST “P:” to send the program text to an Atari 820 printer I selected and saved from the web console. For the second example, I typed in and ran the Atari 1020 BASIC program listed in a previous post after I selected and saved the 1020 printer (really a plotter) from the web console.

Fifth, after your Atari prints click on the printer icon in the Printer Settings box from the web console. This will download the PDF or graphics file generated from the output of the Atari. You can now save this and print it to a modern printer from your PC. The output from my program listing sent to the 820 and the graphics sent to the 1020 are shown below. Note the dots in the program listing making it look like an authentic dot matrix print.

Program Listing - 820
Program Listing – 820
Graphics Print - 1020
Graphics Print – 1020


There are endless useful ways to use FujiNet. The ability to easily print to a modern printer from original Atari hardware is truly amazing. I will do a future post about using this with the The Print Shop software I used so much back in the day.

I learned how to do this from the FujiNet for Dummies YouTube video by Doug Venner. The printing part of the video starts around 15:00 minutes in.