Watch Curt Vendel’s Exhibit Presentation at VCF-East (30 mins)

Task: Watch Curt Vendel’s Exhibit Presentation at VCF-East

Needed: Web Browser

Time: 30 mins


I was able to attend the Vintage Computer Festival (VCF) East in Wall, New Jersey in 2019. This was a special VCF because it celebrated the 40th anniversary of Atari 8-bit computers and featured one of the largest Atari exhibits assembled for any VCF. Curt Vendel (RIP) had an amazing Atari 800 exhibit with a number of extremely rare prototypes and short-lived products such as the 815 disk drive and the 1090 expansion box. Fortunately, his presentation of the exhibit was captured on video.


Watch Curt’s presentation on YouTube. The video is just over 30 minutes long.


Curt was an amazing Atari historian and accumulated a number of rare Atari items over the years. Below is a photo I took of his exhibit.


Atari 800 Display
Curt’s Atari 800 Exhibit