Purchase an Evercade Retro Handheld Console (10-15 mins)

Task: Purchase an Evercade Retro Handheld Console

Needed: Web browser

Time: 10-15 mins


Playing Atari games on modern handheld devices has a lot of appeal. I have been particularly excited about the cartridge-based Evercade handheld device which was released in 2020. I got one as a gift and have been very happy with it.

The Evercade is equipped with a 1.2Ghz processor running Linux and a nice 4.3-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 480×272. A nice feature is that it comes with a mini-HDMI output for display on a TV. Games are played from cartridge using emulation. It has a really nice look and feel with quality construction.

There are over 200 games on 20 different cartridges available for purchase. The Atari Collection 1 and Atari Collection 2 cartridges have a collection of 40 games from the 2600 and 7800 including Adventure, Air-Sea Battle, Asteroids, Bowling, Dark Chambers, Haunted House, Desert Falcon, Centipede, Missile Command, Yar’s Revenge, and Food Fight. A decent selection. My Evercade included Collection 1 in the box.


A number of outlets sell the Evercade in various countries including Amazon and Best Buy in the U.S. The base console with the Atari Starter Pack (Collection #1) sells for around $80. Additional cartridges are $20 to $30. For some reason, the console was not available on Amazon at the time of this post.


This is a no-brainer purchase if you plan to play some of the non-Atari cartridges. I am not sure it is worth it for just Atari given the limited selection. A bonus is that there two Atari Lynx cartridges here and here. Here is a list of all the cartridges available.

Would love to see some Atari 8-bit computer games on this device. Please!

Evercade is now offering a console using these cartridges.