Watch Jay Miner Give a Talk from 1989 (30 mins)

Task: Watch Jay Miner Give a Talk from 1989

Needed: Web browser

Time: 30 mins


Mr. Jay Miner led the design and development of the graphics chips used in the Atari 2600 and the 8-bit computers. This included the Television Interface Adaptor (TIA) used in the 2600, and the Color Television Interface Adaptor (CTIA) and Alphanumeric Television Interface Controller (ANTIC) chips used in the computers (e.g. 400 and 800). He left Atari in 1982 to help found Amiga. The ANTIC chip was ahead of its time and was responsible for the cutting-edge graphics (e.g. player-missile graphics) on the Atari computers. This great video on YouTube starts with some former Atari and Amiga employees talking about Mr. Miner followed by a talk he gave in 1989.


Here is the link to the video. Enjoy!


Definitely worth a watch of you are into Atari history and engineering.

Jay Miner
Jay Miner