Listen to the Retro Computing Roundtable Podcast (1-2 hours)

Task: Listen to the Retro Computing Roundtable (RCR) Podcast

Needed: Web browser or podcast app

Time: 1-2 hours


The Retro Computing Roundtable (RCR) podcast launched in 2010 with hosts David Greelish, Earl Evans, and Carrington Vanston. It is still going strong today with more than 180 terrific episodes in the bank. There have been a variety of hosts and guest hosts that have cycled in and out but Evans and Vanston have been constants since the beginning episodes. What I love about the RCR is that all of the hosts are very knowledgeable and passionate about computing history and this leads to very interesting conversations about a number of different topics revolving around issues important to collectors and hobbyists. The discussion topic for Episode 182 focused on how we each decide what to do next with the limited time we have to enjoy the retrocomputing hobby. How do you decide what to work on next? What was exciting for me was that Earl Evans picked this topic after seeing this very website that they also featured in their news section. I was very happy to see that the hosts thought there was value in a website like this that clearly lays out projects for retrocomputing hobbyists. That is my goal! I want to make it easy for anyone to jump into an Atari project with limited time.

I love this podcast and have listened to about half the episodes. I am still working my way through them during my daily work commute. My only complaint is that many of the hosts are very Apple-centric so there a lot of discussion and commentary about the Apple I, II, and Mac line. While I have learned a lot about Apple I would love to hear a more balanced discussion of all the 8-bit computers. Earl Evans does balance this a bit with his interest and experience with Commodore. More Atari please! I do highly recommend the podcast for Atari enthusiasts. I think it provides good context for computing back in the 1970s and 1980s. There is no question that Apple played an important role and is one of the few left standing!


You can access all the episodes on their web page.


With the help of Google you can find some episodes with Atari content. For example, Episode 174 features Michael Current who maintain the Atari 8-bit FAQ that I posted about earlier. They have very detailed show notes with links to everything they mention which is very useful. Some of the earlier ones also had video so you can see the hosts. The also have a great gift guide. Thanks to the hosts for an awesome and worthwhile podcast!!!