Participate in a Retro Challenge (1 month)

Task: Participate in a retro challenge

Needed: An Atari home computer and materials for the specific project

Time: One month


The Retro Challenge started in 2016 as an outlet for retrocomputing enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby. The goal is to start a project with an old computer and then blog about it for a month. That is it! This is very open ended and is really meant to be a motivator to start and perhaps finish a project that might otherwise not happen. I have personally not done this yet but would like to. The next challenge is September of 2018. These seems to be held several times a year in case you miss the next one.


Come up with a hardware or software project and then email the host your name, a photo of yourself, your twitter handle, your blog location, and a brief summary of the project you plan to carry out. The idea is that you would send these details before the challenge starts. There are judges and sometimes prizes from what I can tell.


You can browse past challenges and entries here. The projects from April of 2018 ranged from building a replacement joystick for the Atari 5200 to making a new game for the Atari 2600. Many of the projects are hardcore and sound intimidating. However, I think they welcome all projects to matter how sophisticated. Note that many projects are never finished. That is ok. The primary goal is to have fun!