Explore Atari 8-Bit ATR Disk Images Using a Web Browser (10-15 mins)

Task: Explore Atari 8-Bit ATR Disk Images Using a Web Browser

Needed: Web Browser

Time: 10-15 minutes


Original Atari 8-bit computer floppy disks can be imaged and saved to a modern PC for archiving, editing, running on an emulator, or used to write new floppy disks. Nick Kennedy created the ATR disk image format for use with SIO2PC and it has become widely accepted as the standard. I recently ran across an HTML program for exploring ATR files called the ATR Image Explorer. Seems like a very useful and easy to use tool.


Download the HTML file here and open with a web browser. Simply drag and drop an ATR file into the purple box. A menu of the file contents will appear. Simply click on one of the files and it will show the source code in the area to the right.

Here is the Github repository.

Atari ATR Image Explorer
Atari ATR Image Explorer


This is a great tool for quickly exploring assembly language or Atari BASIC programs stored on an ATR file. It is somewhat limited in the types of files it can open and display. A BASIC XE file was not correctly displayed.

Here is an Atari Age thread on the software.