Listen to the Floppy Days Podcast (1-4 hours)

Task: Listen to the Floppy Days Podcast

Needed: Web browser

Time: 1-4 hours


The Floppy Days podcast was founded by Randall Kindig in 2013 and has been going strong every year for the last six years. Randy’s goal is to cover as many vintage computers as possible and so far he has been extremely successful. His podcasts have covered all the common classics including the Apple, Atari, Commodore, Sinclair, Texas Instruments, and TRS-80 models. He has also covered some of the very early computers such as the Altair 8800 and some of the more obscure computers such as the HP-85 that you might not know much about. His coverage usually starts out with an overview of the technical specifications followed by a review of the peripherals and available resources. This is an amazing resource. He also does some interviews with experts and covers events such as the Vintage Computer Festivals that are held each year around the USA and Europe.

Randy did a great job covering the Atari 400 and 800 computers in three episodes. He is an Atari enthusiast and expert. I have listed these below for your listening pleasure. It is a great introduction to these models for those just getting into the hobby or refreshing your memory of these machines.


Part 1 – The technical details of the Atari 400 and 800. This is episode 33 that was published in May of 2015.

Part 2 – Covers websites, books, magazines, and other resources. This is episode 36 that was published in April of 2015.

Part 3 – Covers modern upgrades and connectivity to modern computers. This is episode 40 that was published in May of 2015.


This is one of my favorite podcasts. Randy has a nice easy-going podcasting style that I really like. He is very easy to listen to unlike some other podcasters that feel the need to be loud and fast. I have enjoyed listening to many of the other episodes about non-Atari computers. I have learned a lot from Randy’s excellent coverage. His theme song is really cool too. Be sure and check it out!